Documents and certificates

We meet the highest standards of security systems and the protection of people and property.

Document informing that ORLEN Ochrona has competence in the field of installation, operation, configuration, administration and service of Avigilon ACC enterprise 7.X products and software in the Republic of Poland.

ADI a Resideo Company document informing that ORLEN Ochrona is a Certified Partner of ADI Global Distribution Polska.

This standard contains requirements, the implementation of which contributes to the improvement of occupational health and safety. By defining requirements and their proper implementation as part of the OHS management system, we ensure full legal compliance, ongoing hazard identification, effective occupational risk assessment and continuous actions aimed at improving working conditions.

This standard contains requirements for a quality management system applicable to an organization that needs to demonstrate the ability to continuously deliver products that comply with customer requirements and applicable regulations and seek to increase customer satisfaction.

This standard contains requirements for an environmental management system that are used to improve the environmental performance of its activities.

(Allied Quality Assurance Publication), like ISO 9001, is a set of standards for quality assurance in accordance with NATO requirements. Currently, only a few companies in the security industry hold AQAP certificates

Means the ability to protect classified information in the European Union classified secret UE/EU SECRET and CONFIDENTIEL UE/EU CONFIDENTIAL.

It means the ability to protect classified information in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization classified as NATO SECRET and NATO CONFIDENTIALL.

It means the ability to protect classified information in the Republic of Poland marked with the SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL clauses.

NATO Code of the Polish National Economy NCAGE 1364H issued by the Military Center for Standardization, Quality and Codification allowing to perform services for NATO structures.

A recommendation of credibility which is a confirmation that ORLEN Ochrona provides the services offered to clients in a professional and effective manner.