It is an application that allows you to download accounting documents in PDF format. A certified electronic signature guarantees the authenticity of the origin and integrity of the content of the documents. 

e-Faktura (e-invoice) is an online application enabling to download accounting documents in PDF format from an online platform. The authenticity of origin and the integrity of the content is guaranteed throughout certified electronic signature creation. The application provides fast document search, sorting by the selected criteria, printing, recording on means and online access to the platform for the entities authorized for auditory actions. Secured data is protected by a personal login and a password. 

e-Faktura provides:

  • a guarantee of data safety and document delivery in time
  • fast and convenient access to the invoices, no matter of the location
  • more sustainable, paperless services

If you are a recipient of the invoices issued by ORLEN, please read all of the following documents. Using app is free of charge, once the terms and regulations document is accepted and the customer declaration is signed.