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For every company security, understanding to the widest extend, is a priority. That applies to security of both strategic and possessions. So decision regarding proper choice of technical protection system is the key issue. Thanks to our experience and modern backup we can offer to our Customers services at the highest level and ensure to them complete security.

Recording images from surveillance cameras is a simple way to scare a potential burglar, be able to react in an emergency and obtain evidence needed, for example, in cooperation with the police.

The solutions we offer are based on analog and IP cameras. We use a wide range of manufacturers such as AXIS, WISENET, HIKVISION, BOSCH, FLIR, BCS and others. Another important element that allows you to take care of security are alarm systems. They reduce the risk of danger, guaranteeing a sense of comfort, security and stability. We offer professional alarm systems tailored to the needs and expectations of customers. They all come from reputable manufacturers, which guarantees their reliability.

The access control systems installed by us are used mainly by large corporations whose masses of employees work in office buildings and campuses. Often, these systems are used to secure individual rooms, such as warehouses or server rooms.

We also offer ongoing monitoring of the location of vehicles, which is the basis for effective management of each car fleet. Thanks to the detailed analysis of satellite data, GPS locators are able to determine the current location of vehicles with an accuracy of up to 5 meters. In addition to tracking routes, our system also provides you with access to detailed information such as: fuel level, door opening, engine speed, failures signaled by the car. The system also identifies drivers.

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