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Monitoring of alarm systems

We propose continuous supervising of the monitored object performed by the operators of alarm systems monitoring station. The alarm systems monitoring is performed using links by radio, GSM and wire telephony. In case of receiving a signal from the alarm system the operator immediately sends an intervention group. Its immediate response guarantees foiling burglary, theft and mugging. We ensure continuous archiving of events regarding monitored object.

We monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We send emergency groups and patrols immediately after receiving an alarm or panic signal.

We are in constant contact with the client, notifying him about alarms, alarm system malfunctions, power failure, lack of connection with the Armed Intervention Station. We record all signals and events in our IT system and store for several months.

We perform monitoring in several ways:

  • Monitoring of the IDS signals and recording events in the Armed Intervention Station (without verification of the intervention group or with verification):
    • burglary,
    • attack,
    • control of the alarm transmission path,
    • system damage / sabotage,
    • gas leaks etc.
  • Monitoring the hours of system activation / deactivation.

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