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We provide convoying monetary values at the whole territory of the country. Our customers prize high standard and security. Those are the key elements we reach by investing in technical backup. Security is our priority.

Depositing their possessions with us our customer can be sure, that their assets are professionally protected against theft, robbery, destruction and disappearance from the moment of taking over the care of the possessions to the moment of passing it to the point of destination. Convoying is difficult and dangerous action, so every transport of the values is well-thought-out, planned and organized.

We have vehicles adjusted for monetary values transport conforming technical requirements of Appendix 3 to the Order of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration dated October 14th, 1998. All the cars used for monetary values transportation have required by the law certificates, issued by certifying bodies.

An important element having major influence to the security level is manning of the convoy. Our escort guards are specialists with many years of practice, who started their career in intervention troops constantly raising their skills and competence.

We transport monetary values in special packing, so called safe envelopes, marked with our company logo, with use of the required technical protection media, so called safe cases.

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