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ADR Transport procedures control

Tightness of the supply chain in the fuel branch requires detailed knowledge, excellent familiarity with the procedures and extensive experience. Having all those aces as one of the first at the market we have introduced a new specialized service targeted to big industrial entities like ORLEN S.A.. (Polish Oil Trust ORLEN S.A.), Rafineria Trzebinia (Trzebinia Refinery), Rafineria Jedlicze (Jedlicze Refinery) and other companies of the fuel sector.

Concentration on the fuel branch is for us a natural, historically determined, direction pf development. We derive from former Petrochemia Płock (Plock Petrochemistry factory) industrial guard, thanks of that we have gained experience and excellent knowledge of refinery branch processes, starting with production and ending with logistics. From those days we have brought out the know-how, which gives us considerable advantage over competitors. We want to use it still as well as possible offering to our Customers a new service of controlling fuel chain in hazardous materials transportation (ADR).

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